Happy Thanksgiving


Tuesday morning the Battalion members were briefed on USMC FITREPS as well as MIDN FITREPS. There are a few changes to the procedure for MIDN FITREPS that are stated on the N SCI 110 catalyst webpage. To all Battalion members, remember that our Brag Sheets are due to your 1stSGT/LCPOs 14 January 2014.

And on a side note, congratulations Battalion on completing the first PFA of the year! Thanksgiving is coming up soon and this long break is well deserved. Don't forget to study hard because the end of the quarter is near. Happy holidays!

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A Busy Week!


This last Tuesday, the Battalion received a brief on the nuclear surface-warfare community from LCDR Wuthier and alumnus from the Husky Battalion. It was an excellent opportunity to learn another aspect of the Navy’s warfare communities from a distinguished officer. In addition, the Husky Battalion completed the first official PFA of the academic year.

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Veterans Day!


Once again the Battalion observed Veterans Day by participating in the University of Washington Veterans Day Ceremony. The Midshipmen participated in a joint service formation with cadets from the other branches, which fell in on the symbolic 11th hour of the 11th day. The Battalion was privileged with speeches from Sen. Patty Murray, UW President Michael Young, Capt. Melin, and Distinguished Alumni Veteran Award recipient Charles Matthaei. For many of the Freshmen this was their first Veterans Day in uniform and helped showcase the importance of remembering those who came before.

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Following An Eventful Week!


This week, the Husky Battalion was briefed on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) during Tuesday's drill. Sexual Assault is a serious problem and we must do everything we can to prevent such actions. We have the tools to prevent and respond to sexual assault. The more people who get involved, understand, and practice SAPR, the sooner we can "move to the left" of the problem. As leaders, we have an obligation to step in whenever we see potential sexual harassment and/or assault case that may arise. Do not be afraid; find the courage, speak up, and take action!

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Happy Halloween!


As of last week, the Husky Battalion initiated the Battalion Mentorship Program. This program is an exciting opportunity for all Midshipmen to learn more about the Battalion and the direction they want to take as future Battalion leaders and officers. This week, the Battalion received a brief on high-intensity training from an IMA trainer. This information is helpful to direct PT workouts, but make sure that you properly assess your abilities so as to not cause injury. Last but not least, the Birthday Ball begins tomorrow at 1800 at the HUB.

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