Who We Are

The University of Washington’s Postdoctoral Association – UWPA – is an organization run by postdoctoral researchers for postdoctoral researchers. It is served by an executive committee, elected by peers, who have generously donated their time and efforts to improve the state of postdoctoral affairs at the University of Washington. It relies on donations from the University as well as outside partners to run programming as well as to serve as an advocate for postdocs at the University.

2017-18 UWPA Officers and Committee


Karla-Luise Herpoldt Julie Van De Weghe Amy Stone

Senior Fellow in Bioengineering

Co-Chair/OPA Liaison

                    Senior Fellow in Pediatrics                        

 Genetic Medicine Division

Treasurer/ OPA Liaison

Senior Fellow in Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease


herpoldt@uw.edu julievdw@uw.edu


Winnie Ho


Teaching Associate in Biology


 Cristina Valensisi  

Parenting Group Co-chair

Senior Fellow in Genome Sciences


Stefanie Mack 

Parenting Group Co-chair

Research Associate in Applied Physics


mandywilliams jameslaing  allisonkell 
Mandy Williams


James Laing

Satellite Campus Liaison-

UW Bothell

Alison Kell 

Satellite Campus Liaison-


Senior Fellow in Bioengineering Research Associate in Atmospheric Sciences  Senior Fellow in Immunology
mandysw@uw.edu  j.laing85@gmail.com kella@uw.edu
Alex White

Board Member

Research Associate Trainee in Psychology 



2016-17 UWPA Officers and Committees

Co-Chairs: Caitlin Hudac (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences), Julie Van De Weghe (Pediatrics), and Pedro Fonseca (Computer Science and Engineering)

Secretary: Caitlin Hudac (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

Treasurer: Julie Van De Weghe (Pediatrics)

Policy: Pedro Fonseca (Computer Science and Engineering)

Social Network: Wilfred Poppinga (Pharmacology) and Sandi Spencer (Genome Sciences)

Seattle Campus Liasons: Bothell- James Laing (Atmospheric Sciences) and SLU- Alison Kell (Immunology)

Webmasters: Mandy Williams (Bioengineering) and Zhou Yu (Physiology and Biophsyics)

Board Members: Karla-Luise Herpoldt (Bioengineering), Heather Gustafson (Bioengineering), and Katharina Esser-Nobis (Immunology)

2015-16 UWPA Officers and Committees

Co-Chairs: Caitlin Hudac (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences) and Sascha Krause (Microbiology)

Secretary: Vivek Nandakumar PhD (Genome Sciences)

Treasurer: Naveen K. Neradugomma PhD (Pharmaceutics)

Board-Member: Leron Vandsburger PhD (Chemical Engineering)

Social: Juan Pablo Esquivel PhD (Bioengineering), Nerea Alayo PhD (Electrical Engineering) and Ronald Hause PhD (Genome Sciences)

Webmaster/Social Media: Sinchai Tsao PhD (PostDoc Alumni)

Parenting Group: Adam Warner PhD (Genome Sciences) and Calvin Mok PhD (Genome Sciences)

OPA Liaisons: Aric Colunga PhD (Medicine-Hematology), Jessica X. Chong PhD (Pediatrics) and Ronald Hause PhD (Genome Sciences)

2014-15 UWPA Officers and Committees

Co-Chairs: Sinchai Tsao (Pediatrics) and Rita Yu (College of the Environment)

Secretary: Adam Taylor (Chemical Engineering)

Treasurer: Emma Timmins-Schiffman (Aquatic and Fishery Sciences)

Social: Juan Pablo Esquivel (Bioengineering), Calvin Mok (Genome Sciences)

Webmaster/Social Media: Abigail Schindler (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

Parenting Group: Shannon Ewanick (College of the Environment) and Adam Warner (Genome Sciences)

OPA Liaison: Hannah Chapin (Biochemistry), Jessica Chong (Pediatrics), Amy Stone (Immunology), Jody Wright (Genome Sciences)

Departmental Reps (always looking for more):
Ryan McMahan (Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences)
Brian Connelly (Biology)
Selin Tosun (Chemical Engineering)
Jasper Van Den Bosch (I-LABS)
Roie Shlomovitz (Physics)

2013-14 UWPA Officers and Committees

  • Co-chairs
    • Calvin Mok (Genome Sciences)
    • Adam Warner (Genome Sciences)
  • Secretary
    • Abigail Schindler (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
  • Treasurer
    • Ryan McMahan (Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences)
  • Webmaster, Parents Group Liaison
    • Shannon Ewanick (Forest Sciences)
  • Publicity
    • Jessica Kuong (Pathology)
  • Social/Networking
    • Lucia Vojtech (Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology)

2012-13 UWPA Officers and Committees

  • Co-chairs
    • Lucia Vojtech
    • Ferhat Ay
  • Secretary
    • Tammy Stawicki
  • Treasurer
    • Ryan McMahan
  • Webmaster
    • Adrienne Roehrich
  • Publicity
    • Jessica Kuong
  • Social/Networking
    • Martin Kircher
    • Rajiv Giridharagopal
  • Parents Group Liason
    • Michael Konopka