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PIPE, the first of these programs, was conceived by UW students and faculty in 2001 as a response to low retention and high drop out rates of Pacific Islander American students. We proposed to then vice president, Myron Apilado, who gave it a try, and we carried on and expanded under Vice Presidents Rusty Barcelo and Sheila Edwards Lange. Later on, we expanded to include Chican@/Latin@, Native American, African American, African diasporic students, and other allied students.

Guiding Principles:

  • That our mentorship programs seriously consider the belief that succeeding in the university means having a meaningful experience in the university, and that this meaningful experience can be pursued within collectives of care.
  • That the mentorship we do is actually a partnership. It is not necessarily a relationship of unequals, but a relationship that fosters mentoring between two individuals and mentoring within a collective.
  • That our partnerships build on and sustain relationships of care, support, trust, and cultural integrity the practice of forging relationships in collectivities that retain practices of one’s culture as critical parts of attaining a meaningful education.

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