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PIPE is fundamentally a new, unique, and innovative mentorship project that was conceived and initiated by a small group of students to proactively and aggressively address the low retention and graduation rates of U.W. Pacific Islander (P.I.) American students in particular.  PIPE is organized and administered solely by students with the assistance of only one faculty member and the support of only four units at U.W.:  the Office of the Vice President for Minority Affairs, the Office of the President, the ASUW Pacific Islander Student Commission, and the Department of American Ethnic Studies.  Even though it runs on a very tight budget with no office space, PIPE creatively utilizes its limited financial and human resources to bring about maximum benefits to a larger community and the best possible outcomes that ultimately benefit the entire campus.  And even though it was created only last Spring quarter of 2001, PIPE is already reaping the fruits of its well-invested labor:  its students now comprise U.W.’s finest students who are able to find meaning in their education with each other’s help and are, therefore, becoming individually successful students as well as role models for others.  We, therefore, strongly believe that PIPE is one outstanding example of a diversity program that can be effectively and innovatively run to produce results that are qualitatively positive and broadly enriching, if only students are given the opportunity and the support to uplift themselves collectively.

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