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What is a Proof?

An 11x17 print made in our shop from your poster file for you to check thoroughly before we print the poster.

A proof is inexpensive insurance. Without a proof the client takes responsibility to pay for a poster which may not print out correctly and any reprint needed.

Contract Proof at a glance

*Most computer monitors and printers are not calibrated so the color you see on your computer screen may NOT match the color you see on your printed proof or final. If provided with a color sample, we MAY be able to provide a color match. This will be an additional charge and the results are not guaranteed. Color matching availability is also contingent upon production workload. There may be times when it is unavailable to due a heavy production schedule.

Warning: Client assumes responsibility for the content and formatting of any unproofed final poster.

Every file has the potential to have a typo, poor resolution, a content or format error, a file feature that does not show up on-screen but appears when printed, to have color that’s different than what you expect.

What to check on a proof:

Our printed proof allows you to check for any errors, make corrections and upload a REVISED file before the final poster is printed.

If you do not get a printed proof, errors on the final poster are your responsibility, and we must charge for both the original and any reprints.

Your order will be placed on hold in “Out to Proof” status until we hear back from you.


Any revision changes the file, so it’s best to allow time for a revised proof. We do not charge for a proof of the first revision.

Our staff can help resolve “file glitches” where the file does not function properly with our software, as well as some color issues.

Giving the “Okay to Print/Go Final”

“Okay to Print/Go Final” is given by the client or the client’s proxy by:

1. Ordering a poster with NO PROOF selected
2. Uploading a revised with NO PROOF selected
3. Verbal direction in person or on the phone
4. Email message

Please be advised that once approval is given for “Okay to Print/ Go Final” to print your full-sized poster, your order is immediately entered into the production queue.

Orders may not be cancelled after this point and no further changes will be accepted.

Revisions after this point will need to be submitted as a New Order.

Turnaround Times:

The normal 1-day turnaround for poster printing does not include time for a proof. Add at least 1/2 day for proofing. See current turnaround times in right sidebar.

Contract proof turnarounds are set at 10am, 1pm and 4pm.
For example:

Cancellation policy:

The order cannot be canceled or withdrawn from the print queue for changes after the “Okay to Print/Go Final” has been given by the client or the client’s proxy, or if the order was placed with NO PROOF requested.

Any changes after this will require a New Order to be placed.

Our production schedule does not allow for a “grace period” before your order enters the print queue even though your work is scheduled for 24 hours or more out. The time and materials are committed immediately. We take your order and the timeline needed to produce it on schedule very seriously.

An order CAN be canceled after a proof has been printed while the order is still “Out to Proof” and we have not receive the approval to print the poster. We will need payment for the proof.

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PROOF Turn-around – allow 1/2 day
Files submitted before: Proof available after:
10am 1pm
1pm 4pm
4pm 10am
next day

POSTER Turn-around*
– allow 24 hrs
Approval to print before: Poster available after:
10am 10am next day
1pm 1pm next day
4pm 4pm next day

*this schedule applies to normal poster materials

Specialty materials, mounting/laminating, and grommets add production time. Call for information.

RUSH order: only when workload allows; 100% surcharge. Call first to inquire.

Call us: 543-9275