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What is a Proof?

A proof is a small printed version of a poster that allows you to check for any errors and correct your file before the final poster is printed.

A proof is inexpensive insurance: If you do not get a print proof, errors on the final poster are your responsibility, and we must charge for both the original and any reprints.

Design Help: Staff can troubleshoot file problems; however, after 15 minutes, there is a consulting fee.

WARNING: ALL Contract proofs are stamped "draft," if you want an unmarked print, order an 11x17 poster print.

What to check on a proof:

Contract Proof at a glance

*Most computer monitors and printers are not calibrated so the color you see on your computer screen may NOT match the color you see on your printed proof or final. If provided with a color sample, we MAY be able to provide a color match. This will be an additional charge and the results are not guaranteed. Color matching availability is also contingent upon production workload. There may be times when it is unavailable to due a heavy production schedule.

Warning: Client assumes responsibility for the content and formatting of any unproofed final poster.

Turnaround Times:

The normal 1-day turnaround for poster printing does not include time for a proof. Add at least 1/2 day for proofing. See current turnaround times in right sidebar.

Contract proof turnarounds are set at 10am, 1pm and 4pm.
For example:

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PROOF Turn-around – allow 1/2 day
Files submitted before: Proof available after:
10am 1pm
1pm 4pm
4pm 10am
next day

POSTER Turn-around*
– allow 24 hrs
Approval to print before: Poster available after:
10am 10am next day
1pm 1pm next day
4pm 4pm next day

*this schedule applies to normal poster materials

Specialty materials, mounting/laminating, and grommets add production time. Call for information.

RUSH order: only when workload allows; 100% surcharge. Call first to inquire.

Call us: 543-9275