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To participate as a client in the Restoration Ecology Network, first contact REN faculty Carleen Weebers and Kern Ewing to discuss project eligibility.

Email: cweebers@uw.edu

Then submit:

Request for Proposal (RFP)

You can submit an RFP form in MS WORD or Adobe PDF. Simply click on the appropriate link below, fill out the form on your word processor or in Adobe Acrobat, and email it to cweebers@uw.edu. If you fill out the Adobe PDF form, you need only to click the "Submit by Email" button once you've filled out the form.

RFP Form Sample RFP Form
Adobe PDF
MS Word Document

Client Agreement

The Client Agreement states that you understand the responsibilities of all parties involved in the UW-REN capstone program. Please read, sign and return the following document .




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