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The following points address aspects of client responsibilities for participation in the UWREN capstone program.

Project Review & Oversight  |   Client Resources  |   Permitting & Internal Permission

1. Project review & oversight
The capstone experience was designed so that student teams would be working for a client in an interactive fashion. This means that the client cannot expect to be a passive participant in the process. Clients are required to provide timely feedback to the student team at critical junctures in the development and installation of the project. In January and February, student teams will be developing a proposal and detailed work plan in response to the client's Request-for-Proposal (RFP). This will be reviewed by peers, instructors and the client. It is done electronically on a web discussion board. There is a limited window for review - the client must be willing to adhere to this schedule (usually they have 3-4 days to review it and comment). Sometimes multiple iterations of documents need to be reviewed if client requests changes. In essence, the client must be willing to be engaged in the process and communicate in a timely fashion. To facilitate a smooth and effective client – project team relationship, we ask that a single person act as the client representative in interacting with the students. Obtaining approval and input from multiple parties often severely delays project implementation.

The client must also be willing to come to the final symposium in early June (if at all possible in their schedule - or send some other representative) and be willing to meet with the student group occasionally in the field during installation (April - May). The client must also meet with the team in late May or early June for the students to train them in the maintenance and monitoring plan.

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2. Client resources
Though we prefer projects where resources are already available to support projects, some projects will be considered if clients are willing to actively be engaged with the student team in procuring such resources. This may include reviewing and endorsing funding proposals written by the team. Ultimately the client is responsible for securing the plants and materials for the project if the final proposal and work plan has been approved by the client.

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3. Permitting & Internal Permission
The client is solely responsible for making sure all required city, county, state and federal permits are in order before the restoration project begins. We do encourage our students to be involved with and learn the permitting process. However given the time restraints of the course and the typical time frame needed to submit and process permits it cannot be expected that permits can wait until the beginning of the course in late September. Clients are also responsible for ensuring that all stakeholders in the project, especially the property owner (private or public) have given approval for the project to go forward and are regularly informed of the project's progress by the client.

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