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UW Students from all disciplines are eligible to participate in the Restoration Ecology Network Capstone. Students are strongly encouraged to take either general ecology or plant ecology before starting the program; questions about eligibility should be referred to the UWREN advisor.

Fall Quarter (2 credits)- ESRM / ENVIR / BES / TESC 462
Students form assessment groups to review the proposals, plans, installations and other documentation of projects from previous years.

Winter Quarter (3 credits)- ESRM / ENVIR / BES / TESC 463
Student groups respond to RFP's submitted by firms or groups with viable restoration projects. The first student deliverable is a proposal. The client and UW-REN faculty review the proposal. If the proposal is accepted, student groups prepare an implementation plan for the project.

Spring Quarter (5 credits)- ESRM / ENVIR / BES / TESC 464
Students oversee site prep, installation and are involved in adaptive management during this process. Preferably, the client provides most of the volunteer labor for installation. Students prepare a maintenance plan and train the client to ensure project success.


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