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A 55 x 20 meter wide site consisting of an undeveloped pioneer forest community, grass and shrub habitats in a very urban setting.

2005 -2006

2005 - 2006  
Project name
Tacoma Community College Natural Area
Tacoma Community College
R. Bradshaw, P. Fisher, Z. Hughes, E. Johnston, K. Ngo, and M. Seery
Site description
The restoration site consists of an undeveloped pioneer forest community, grass and shrub habitats and is noticeably distant from the nearby nature area and wetlands. It is in a highly urbanized setting and is dominated by many invasive species.
Restoration challenge
Challenges to restoring this site include delineating access for current appropriate human uses (dog walking and jogging) while reducing access for inappropriate uses (vandalism and trash). Other challenges are installing a visibly pleasing yet effective site barrier and encouraging community involvement.
Restoration approach
Improve aesthetics and security of site by removing invasive plants and installing native plants. Create a site standard for future restoration activities and involve the local community in the planting of maintenance of the site.