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UW-REN 2013 - 2014 Capstone Projects

Champagne Creek | Crestwoods ParkKincaid ParkMagnuson Park
 North Creek Forest | Pierce College Oak Woodlands | Yesler Swamp

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Champagne Creek




Crestwoods Park

UWRENgraphic Kincaid Park

Magnuson Park

This is the second year that UW-REN will be working with Magnuson Park. It is a 350 acre urban park that draws numerous local residents to its beaches, P-Patch, athletic fields and meandering paths through ongoing restoration areas. Magnuson Park offers a unique opportunity: being restored from a Navy airfield to a diverse natural landscape. Students will focus on two projects that involve reducing invasive plants, working with impacted soils and establishing a native plant habitat in both wetland and upland sections.


North Creek Forest

The North Creek Forest restoration site is located in Bothell, adjacent to I-405 and residential development. This 64 acre urban remnant forest is rated as "Priority Habitat" by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Capstone team is partnering with Friends of North Creek Forest to initiate restoration. They plan to remove dominant invasive species, strategically woody debris and install a diverse assemblage of native plants shown to have high value for wildlife. The goal climax ecosystem on this site is a typical Puget Trough lowland mixed coniferous deciduous forest.


Pierce College Oak Woodlands

The Pierce College Lakewood campus is located in the southern portion of the Puget Lowlands, where native prairie and oak woodlands were formerly common. The Capstone team is working on the eastern side of the campus to restore an open slope and meadow from its current degraded state. Building upon a multi-year effort, invasive species are being replaced by native species to foster development of an oak – prairie complex. The capstone team is also exploring educational opportunities to involve students of all ages in the restoration process.


Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is a 40-acre property owned by the City of Shoreline. The majority of the park is maintained as native habitat and it is used by the community for recreation and access to the Puget Sound. This restoration project builds on previous years' efforts to restore coastal dune habitat. The Capstone team's goals include removing invasive species, stabilizing steep slopes and installing site appropriate native plants while maintaining a view corridor. Check out the blog created by the student team to learn more about their restoration efforts and to join them for a community volunteer work party.

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park Restoration Blog


Yesler Swamp

Yesler Swamp is a 6-acre parcel and the former outfall of the now disconnected Yesler Creek. It is located near Lake Washington, at the Union Bay Natural Area, on the University of Washington's Seattle campus. The Capstone team has partnered with Friends of Yesler Swamp to reverse habitat degradation and to improve the quality of habitat for wildlife, including native birds and small mammals. This sloped site includes both wetlands and uplands. Check out the Facebook page created by the student team to learn more about their restoration efforts and to join them for a community volunteer work party.

Yesler Swamp Restoration Page