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Traditional Management, cultural landscapes Ecological & Biological Processes Built environment, water quality, environmental engineering  
Soils, remediation, ecological engineering       Horticulture, ecology, conservation, invasives      Fish, waterfowl, aquatic ecosystems, GIS    
Design, landscapes, context      Environmental science & education Science-based policy  
Urban Systems Ecology, environmental chemistry and environmental policy  (UW Bothell, UW Tacoma)


Traditional management, cultural landscapes
Department Faculty Email Interest
 Anthropology Devon Peña dpena@u.washington.edu  Environmental justice, agroecology
Eric Smith easmith@u.washington.edu  Ecology, evolution, economics
Donald Grayson grayson@u.washington.edu  Paleoecology, evolutionary ecology
Eugene Hunn hunn@u.washington.edu  Ethnobiology
Stevan Harrell stevehar@u.washington.edu  
Ecological and biological processes  
 Department Faculty Email Interest
Biology  Liz Van Volkenburgh lizvanv@u.washington.edu  
Dee Boersma boersma@u.washington.edu Conservation biology
Estella Leopold eleopold@u.washington.edu  Paleoecology
Jennifer Ruesink ruesink@u.washington.edu  Introduced species
Built environment, water quality, environmental engineering  
Department Faculty Email Interest
Civil Engineering     Steve Burges sburges@u.washington.edu  
Michael Brett mtbrett@u.washington.edu Limnology, zoology, fisheries
Derek Booth dbooth@u.washington.edu  Watershed processes
Soils, remediation, ecological engineering   
 Department Faculty Email Interest
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Jim Agee jagee@u.washington.edu Fire ecology
Susan Bolton sbolton@u.washington.edu Watershed hydrology
Sally Brown slb@u.washington.edu Phytoremediation
Sharon Doty sldoty@u.washington.edu Phytoremediation
Jim Fridley fridley@u.washington.edu Project management, engineering
Rob Harrison robh@u.washington.edu Soils
John Marzluff corvid@u.washington.edu Bird conservation, urban ecology
Dorothy Paun dap@u.washington.edu Sustainable business practices
Darlene Zabowski zabow@u.washington.edu Soils
Horticulture, ecology, conservation, invasives   
 Department Faculty Email Interest
Environmental Horticulture & Urban Forestry (School of Environmental and Forest Sciences) John Wott jwott@u.washington.edu  Horticulture
Al Wagar jawagar@u.washington.edu  
Sarah Reichard reichard@u.washington.edu Invasives, conservation
Kern Ewing kern@u.washington.edu Restoration, wetlands
Kathy Wolf kwolf@u.washington.edu  Urban forests
Linda Chalker-Scott lindacs@wsu.edu Environmental stress physiology
Tom Hinckley hinckley@u.washington.edu Plant physiology
Fish, waterfowl, aquatic ecosystems, GIS    
 Department Faculty Email Interest
Fisheries Bob Wissmar wissmar@u.washington.edu  Freshwater ecosystems
Chris Grue cgrue@u.washington.edu  Wildlife science
Si Simenstad simenstd@u.washington.edu  Estuarine/coastal ecology
Jeff Richey jrichey@u.washington.edu  Riverine hydrology
Julia Parrish jparrish@u.washington.edu
Design, landscapes, context  
 Department Faculty Email Interest
Landscape Architecture Kristina Hill kzhill@u.washington.edu  Urban design, landscape, ecology
Iain Robertson iainmr@u.washington.edu Landscape design
Daniel Winterbottom nina@u.washington.edu  Urban & community landscape design
Roxanne Hamilton rhamilto@u.washington.edu  Restorative landscapes
Nancy Rottle nrottle@u.washington.edu  Landscape design
Jeff Hou jhou@u.washington.edu  Landscape design
Environmental science & education
 Department Faculty Email Interest
UW Bothell Carole Kubota ckubota@uwb.edu Environmental Education
Science-based policy
 Department Faculty Email Interest
School of Marine Affairs Marc Hershman hershmj@u.washington.edu  Marine policy
Tom Leschine tml@u.washington.edu  Marine management, policy
Urban Systems
 Department Faculty Email Interest
Urban Planning Marina Alberti malberti@u.washington.edu  Urban ecology
Ecology, environmental chemistry and environmental policy   
 Department Faculty Email Interest
UW Bothell   Warren Gold wgold@u.washington.edu  Ecology, restoration
Dan Jaffe djaffe@u.washington.edu  Atmospheric pollution
Martha Groom groom@u.washington.edu  Ecology, conservation biology
Nives Dolsak ndolsak@uwb.edu  Environmental policy
Chuck Henry clh@u.washington.edu  Environmental restoration, soils
Rob Turner rturner@uwb.edu Hydrogeology
UW Tacoma    Erica Cline ecline@u.washington.edu Mycology, forest ecology
Cheryl Greengrove cgreen@u.washington.edu  Oceans, atmospheres
John Banks banksj@u.washington.edu  Plant diversity