Application information

Application information
We will be using ASHP's Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS) for all applicants. You can find out more about PhORCAS at Here are some specific details for candidates considering our programs.

  • Our deadline for applications is December 31st. Transcripts should be submitted as early as possible, we do not require Fall grades or non-pharmacy school transcripts
  • Please make sure you are designating the correct program. The UW Medicine PGY1 program is a multisite program consisting of the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) Montlake and Northwest campuses and  Harborview Medical Center (HMC). The match number is: 184013
  • The PGY1 residency offered by Valley Medical Center is a separate residency program affiliated with UW Medicine.
  • The programs offered through the University of Washington School of Pharmacy are community/ambulatory residencies and are not affiliated with UW Medicine.
  • The residency committee reviews your letter of intent, curriculum vitae (CV), transcripts, and three letters of reference.
  • References should use the standard form in PhORCAS. We do not require a separate free form letter.
  • Your letter of intent (no longer than one page) should state your career goals, interests and the reason you are considering this program. Be specific as to why you feel UW Medicine would be a good fit with your career goals and interests. This should be uploaded through the PhORCAS system.
  • An on-site interview is required for the consideration of the residency program.
  • Please note:  The University of Washington is NOT able to sponsor visas for pharmacy residents (PGY1 or PGY2).

Applicants for the Residency in Health-System Pharmacy Administration/Master of Health Administration have these additional requirements:
Please upload these documents on PhORCAS or email these additional items directly to the program coordinator, Elaine Huang ( by 11:59 pm on December 31.

  • Applicant self-assessment form
  • One of the three required letters of recommendation should address your readiness for leadership and/or experience in a leadership role
  • An example of a completed project (i.e. DUE, formal drug information write-up, presentation, etc.) 
  • Candidates that match with the UW Medicine Health System Pharmacy Administration residency will be accepted to the MHA program. Applicants should not apply separately to the graduate school for the MHA program.