PGY2 Critical Care

Residents: Nina Gazonas, Ayrron Sisley, Hillary Sobeck

Program Director: Andrew Barnes, Pharm.D.

Program Coordinator: Sylvia Wong, Pharm.D.

The PGY2 Residency in Critical Care Pharmacy Practice at UW Medicine is an ASHP-accredited post graduate program, which provides twelve months of training designed to develop and refine the skills necessary to make and monitor therapeutic interventions for the safe and efficacious use of drug therapy in critically ill patients. The program provides residents with opportunities in a wide variety of critical care medicine and surgical areas. Residents work relatively independently as an integral member of the healthcare team under the supervision of preceptors with extensive experience in their respective practice areas. The goal of the program is to provide the specific skills and competencies to the resident that are needed to assume advance practitioner, leadership roles in critical care pharmacy practice. Upon completion of the program, residents are equipped to obtain a position in the majority of critical care areas as a clinical pharmacist specialist, clinical faculty, or continuation of postgraduate training in a fellowship program.