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Production Assets

Bor­row­ing Audio/Video Equip­ment at UW

Video at the UW : Harry Hay­ward of UW Media Rela­tions explains how you can get your video project under­way at the Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton.  Includ­ing where to rent equip­ment on campus.

UW Equip­ment Loan Pro­gram : Video cam­eras, tripods and sound equip­ment are avail­able to stu­dents at Class­room Sup­port Services

Cen­ter for Advanced Research Tech­nol­ogy Project Appli­ca­tion: If you are a UW stu­dent you are eli­gi­ble to use CARTAH equip­ment.  Fill out this Project appli­ca­tion to get started. Rent­ing Eq Needs NetID

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Dept: Only for COM stu­dents, fac­ulty and staff.

Rent­ing Pro­fes­sion­als and Equip­ment at UW

UWTV Pro­duc­tion : Want to hire UWTV to cre­ate your video or con­tact UWTV? This page will get you started.

TV/Video and Mul­ti­me­dia Pro­duc­tion Ser­vices through EDGE:  (Edu­ca­tion at a Dis­tance for Growth and Excel­lence): EDGE offers pro­fes­sional video and mul­ti­me­dia editing.

Photo Data­base

A major UW photo data­base is admin­is­tered by UW Mar­ket­ing. Users have unlim­ited access to pho­tos on the site for Uni­ver­sity mar­ket­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion efforts. Pho­tos are free for UW fac­ulty and staff. The images may be used for mar­ket­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tions mate­ri­als, UW web sites, adver­tis­ing for UW only, and may not be loaned out or sold to any third par­ties. UW Pho­tog­ra­phy also main­tains an exten­sive data­base of cam­pus scenes, events and other kinds of images. Con­tact Mary Levin mlevin@uw.edu for information.


Video Codecs and Your production

Here is a short course on video codecs, espe­cially for the Flip camera.