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Residency Program Mission Statement: To train leaders in surgery and to train physicians who can operate in a community environment that holds to the highest ethical and professional standards and espouses the core surgical values of the honor of surgical service and bond of trust, and esteeming as the highest goal our duty to and responsibility for our patients.
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The Department Of Surgery is committed to training future leaders in surgery in a collaborative and collegial environment. We attract the top 10% of applicants from around the United States and strive for an exciting and progressive environment that fosters the intellectual development of students, residents, and practicing physicians alike. We care about each individual in our program and see each resident as a valuable member of our surgical community. We focus on development of the whole surgeon emphasizing intellect, surgical skills and humanity. Our program is designed to nurture and train each resident to achieve their full potential and career goals and to place graduates into top positions in fellowships, research and community practice. Our motto is to constantly examine, critique, and change what needs to be changed, so that we keep the best of the 'old school' while redefining the 'new school' of surgical education in the 21st century.