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Nebula Managed Desktop Services

Service Description: 

The Nebula Managed Desktop Service is a system of networked personal computers, centrally managed and supported by UW Information Technology (UW-IT).  It offers services to both Windows and Mac OS X workstations.

Nebula Managed Desktop makes available such services as:

  • Network file services, including both shared and unshared directory space
  • Groups management for sharing files based on the UW Groups service
  • Backup and emergency restore of file services
  • Operating system updates including hot fixes, security patches and enhancements
  • Centralized software deployment to the desktop
  • Hard drive re-imaging that lays down standard Nebula-supported software
  • Training room for Nebula and client use

Nebula Managed Desktop Services is an excellent option for clients who would like the management and user benefits of being in a well-managed Windows domain without the technical burdens of administering the domain.

Service levels and rates allow flexibility in managing and reducing your information technology (IT) costs.


Service Options: 

Nebula Managed Desktop Service Options

Basic Windows Desktop

Includes desktops and laptops with these services:

  • Basic account management
  • Basic helpdesk support
  • File service with UW Groups management
  • Standard software suite: MS Office; Adobe Reader; anti-virus software 
  • Security (patching, anti-virus)
  • Power management

Basic Macintosh Desktop

Includes desktops and laptops with these services:

  • Basic account management
  • Basic helpdesk support
  • AdmitMac drive mounting software (not required for OSX Lion)
  • File service
  • Power management

UW Exchange
UW Exchange can be supported on the Basic Windows Desktop or Basic Macintosh Desktop.

Consulting Services
Includes advanced consulting services and on-site support to meet your specific needs. Available separately from the desktop management service.

Stand-alone Shared File Space Service
Shared directory space, controlled by UW Groups service. Available separately from the desktop management service.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service
Provides secured connection to campus services. Available separately from the desktop management service.




UW faculty; UW staff; UW researchers; UW clinicians; UW academic units; UW administrative units; UW Medical Center; Harborview Medical Center; requires a valid UW budget number.

How to Order: 

Email nebula@uw.edu or call 206-221-5000.

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Rates effective July 1, 2011 for FY2013.
Type of Service Cost Per
Basic Windows Desktop $39.90 Computer Per Month
Basic Macintosh Desktop $39.90 Computer pr Month
Consulting Services $109.00 Hour
Stand-alone Shared File Space $39.90 'Chunk' of 114GB Per Month
Virtual Private Network (VPN) $39.90 Per set of 40 users Per Month


Service Level Description: 

Nebula Support responds to problem reports in one to four hours; response can be escalated if there is a critical problem. Our goal is always to minimize user downtime by responding as quickly as possible.

Support Information: 

UW Information Technology Service Center
Front Desk: UW Tower C-3000 (4333 Brooklyn Ave. NE) 
Email: nebula@uw.edu
Phone: 206-221-5000
Business Hours: http://uw.edu/itconnect/gethelp.html

Contact for More Information: 

Email nebula@uw.edu or call 206-221-5000.

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