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Off-Campus Communications Services

Service Description: 

Off-Campus Communications Services allows groups that are physically located off campus to be connected to the UW phone and data networks. UW-IT can provide desktop phone service that provides 5-digit dialing to other UW numbers, as well as the Regional Calling Service that allows local dialing to most locations from Bellingham to Olympia (for more information see http://www.uw.edu/itconnect/phones/longdistance.html#rcs). In addition, customers can choose to be connected to the UW data network at various speeds using a UW-installed wired, wireless or combined connection. 


Service Options: 
The following options are available with this service: 
Connectivity Options
These options enable direct access to the UW Network from the off-campus location. The high speed options can be costly and can require 6-18 months to arrange.  Advanced planning with the Real Estate Office and UW-IT is strongly recommended. Options include:
  • T1 Line and T1 Line Mileage:
    • The T1 line is ideal for low bandwidth requirements.  Each T1 line is 1.5Mbps. In general, a site may order up to four T1 lines for a total of 6Mbps before other options are explored.  Mileage charges may apply based on which central office provides the T1 line.  Allow three to four weeks for order processing, installation, and testing. An Out of Band Modem Line is required with this option. 
  • Qwest QMOE (Qwest Metro Optical Ethernet)
    • QMOE is a leased fiber service integrated with the UW Data Network. In general, QMOE connections will either be 20Mbps, 50Mbps, or 100Mbps, but other bandwidth options may be available such as 500Mbps and 1000Mbps. There is a minimum four-year term requirement. Allow at least three months for order processing, installation, and testing. An Out of Band Modem Line is required with this option. 
  • UW Metro Area Ethernet
    • UW Metro Area Ethernet is used to provide 1000Mbps connections. Allow approximately one year to provision because of dependencies for permits and coordination with the City of Seattle. 
Communication Infrastructure
This includes cabling and telecommunication room(s). Site evaluations will determine requirements, options, and cost estimates and are often coordinated with the help of the Real Estate Office and the building's owner/manager. 
Desktop Telephone Service
UW-IT telephone service features available on campus are also available off campus, with a few exceptions for locations outside of the Puget Sound area. Please see the detailed description for Telephone services.
Wired Ethernet Service
This allows for connectivity between workstations at the off-campus location at speeds up to 1Gbps. Wired Ethernet Service features available on campus are also available off campus. Please see the detailed description for WiredNetwork services.  
Wi-Fi Service 
This allows for connectivity between workstations at the off-campus location using 802.11a/b/g/n wireless technology. Please read the detailed UW Wireless Policy.
Sites may optionally be furnished with the following services as needed: 
  • UW-IT managed subnet-level firewall. 
  • A redundant router connection via Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for high availability. 
  • In addition, if the site cannot connect directly to the UW network, an IPsec VPN can extend UW data network connectivity through a secondary Internet Service Provider. UW telephone, wired, and Wi-Fi services may not be available with this connectivity option.   

UW academic units; UW administrative units. UW Medicine and clinical departments should email UW Medicine IT Services at mcsos@uw.edu for service.

How to Order: 

If you already have UW-IT phone and data services at an off-campus location and need to add, disconnect, or change the service:

Email: help@uw.edu
Phone: 206-221-5000


UW-IT partners with the Real Estate Office to provide phone and data services for new off-campus locations. The Real Estate will help fill out the form below for most new locations. To contact the Real Estate Office directly, please email uwreo@uw.edu with "Attention Tenant Services Manager" in the subject line.

For locations not served by the Real Estate Office, the form may be filled out directly, and they will receive a copy.

When filling out this SharePoint Request Form, please log in using this format:

  • Login: NetID\yourNetID
  • Password: yourNetID password



Off-campus connectivity and troubleshooting is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Response time during off-hours may be slower due to decreased off-hours staffing levels.


Rates effective July 1, 2014 for FY2015

Connectivity Options

Connectivity Type Installation Charges Monthly Charges Other Charges

$940 for a new install

$470 to add T1's

Each T1 Line: $266.54

Monthly T1 Line Mileage (if applicable): Varies

Out of Band Modem line: $40.49 per month

QMOE (Qwest) $470 + applicable facility charges (estimated facility charges ~$2,500 - $10,000)

20Mbps or 50Mbps: $1,343.97

100Mbps: $2,257.35

Out of Band Modem Line: $40.49 per month
UW Metro Area Ethernet 1000Mbps: $940 + applicable construction and facility charges (estimated construction and facility charges ~$30,000 - $250,000) Monthly Charge for 1000Mbps: $809.86  

Communication Infrastructure
A site evaluation is required for estimates because costs can vary widely depending on the location and services needed.

  • Telecommunications Closet/Room: Average is $10,000+ per telecommunications closet/room/IDF.
  • Cabling: Average is $175 per cable run (for 150 ft. cable). The standard is 3 cables per outlet for a total of $525 per outlet.
Desktop Telephone Service
Please see rate information here. Depending on the service address and the number of telephone lines, additional mileage charges may apply. An estimate will be provided once a service address is confirmed and evaluated.
Wired Ethernet Service
Wi-Fi Service 
Costs can vary from $800 - $250,000 depending on approximate square footage, number of access points, and number of "general purpose" Wi-Fi users. 
Subnet ipSec Virtual Public Network (VPN)
Charges from a secondary Internet Service Provider (ISP) are arranged between the customer and the ISP. The following UW-IT charges also apply:
  • Installation Charge: Three hours of Network Engineering @ $120.50 per hour
  • Monthly Charge: $299.48
  • Monthly Charge for Out of Band Modem Line: $40.49
Additional Information: 

Requires a valid UW budget number.

Service Level Description: 

Service is dependent on external service providers, and is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Service is monitored by the UW Information Technology Network Operations Center. Response time during off-hours may be slower due to decreased off-hours staffing levels.


Support Information: 
Email: help@uw.edu

Phone: 206-221-5000
Business Hours: http://uw.edu/itconnect/gethelp.html


Contact for More Information: 

Email help@uw.edu or call 206-221-5000.

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