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Enterprise Web Services and Events

Service Description: 

Enterprise Web Services are a set of consistent, secure, REST Web services that enable UW developers to integrate applications and Web pages with essential UW business systems. Event messages are published for significant changes in business data and may be subscribed to by client applications.

Service Options: 

Enterprise Web Services are fully documented in the UW Web Services Registry (http://webservices.uw.edu). They include:

  • Student Web Service (SWS)
  • HR/Payroll Web Service (HRPWS)
  • Financial Web Service (FWS)
  • Person Web Service (PWS)
  • Space Web Service
  • ID Card Web Service
Enterprise Events will eventually be documented in an Event Registry. They include:
  • Course Enrollment/Registration Event
  • Course Available Event
  • Section Add/Drop Event


public Web Service resources (e.g. course) are available to any application or Web page including non-UW entities. Other Web services and events are available only to applications which have been granted explicit access by UW Data Custodians.

How to Order: 

Available Web services and documentation on how to obtain access to them are listed in the UW Web Services Registry at: http://webservices.washington.edu

Until an Event Registry becomes available, contact ci-ais@uw.edu to request subscription to or information about one of the automated business events.


Most Web services and events are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


No charge.

Additional Information: 

The On The ROA blog discusses UW Web Services: http://blogs.uw.edu/ontheroa/

Service Level Description: 

See individual supporting Web service and event  documentation to receive specific details on Service Level.

Support Information: 

Email: help@uw.edu

Contact for More Information: 

Email: help@uw.edu

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