OMA&D High School Tutor/Mentor Program


1) Do I get to choose the school where I tutor, or am I assigned a school?

You get to choose the school where you will tutor or make arrangements with one that fits your schedule better and has a need. The UW Tutor/Mentor has established contacts with Rainier Beach High School, Garfield High School, Franklin High School, Roosevelt High School, Ida B. Wells High School. One school is on campus and the rest are between five and sixty minutes away by bus. We will give you contact and transportation information. It is up to you to contact the school and arrange your hours.

2) Do I have to work at a certain time or can I set my own hours?

The number of hours you work will depend upon how many credits you select.  WHEN you tutor will depend on your schedule (when YOU are available), and HOW the school needs help.  WHAT you tutor depends on what the school needs and on your strengths.

3) Can I tutor if I am a freshman?

You can tutor beginning the second quarter of your freshman year. You will most likely be tutoring high school level math, science, and writing skills.

4) Are the credits based strictly on the time I spend tutoring?

The credits you receive for tutoring are based upon the amount of time you spend tutoring each week, and on a final term paper. The brief term paper is due on the last day of instruction.

5) Do you have to belong to the Educational Opportunity Program to participate in this program?

Absolutely not. All University of Washington students are welcome to apply to the General Studies 350B High School Tutor/Mentor program.

6) How do I apply?

Pick up an application packet at the OMAD office at the Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity (EXPD), 171 Mary Gates Hall. Once you have filled out the necessary forms and your criminal history has cleared, you will receive an entry code that allows you to register for the class.

7) How long does my final paper need to be?

1 – 2  credits = 5 pages

3 – 4 credits = 7  – 10 pages

5 – 6 credits = 12 – 15 pages