OMA&D High School Tutor/Mentor Program

Techniques & Tips for Working with Students

•  Each student is unique and different, along with each situation.

•  Each student is capable of learning.

•  Each student learns at a different rate and in different ways.

•  Set and keep realistic yet high expectations for work and behavior.

•  Never use words that shame, blame, ridicule or threaten.

•  Keep your promises or don’t make them at all.

•  Plant constructive ideas.

•  Smile often, but be real.

•  Set and keep high standards for work and behavior.

•  Be yourself.

•  Be polite to your students, you are the example.

•  Encourage student(s) to be independent, never make comparisons.

•  Use the student’s name often.

•  Talk with the student about things around them, be informal and interested.

•  BE PREPARED – use the resources available to you such as the library,  teachers or UW staff.

•  When introducing something new, move slowly.



If you are enjoying this time together, the student will too!