OMA&D High School Tutor/Mentor Program

Tutor/Mentor Credit Opportunity

The Tutor/Mentor Program offers a 1 – 6 elective credit(s) option to interested students during the participating quarter. *Add codes will ONLY be given out via email, once the student’s criminal history background check has returned successfully, and they indicated ‘credit option’ on their application form.*

OMA&D Tutor/Mentor Program Academic Credit Guidelines: General Studies 350B

●        Attend scheduled 1 hour 20 minute classes dates TBD

●        Complete all classroom assignments; more information will be listed in the syllabus

●        Complete scheduled tutoring/mentoring hours needed for credit

●        Maintain regular contact with class instructors

●        Complete the Tutor/Mentor Program Evaluation at the end of the quarter via email

If you are taking this course for credit hours, there is a brief term paper that will be due at the end of the quarter.  The term paper should be a comprehensive review of your tutorial experience.  You can explain the process, the progression, the impact or any facet of this experience along with what you learned and what you believe the student learned from the interaction.  Please include REFERENCES!  It is imperative that you review issues pertinent in urban education as you evaluate, compare, and contrast your experience.

The term paper will be due on the LAST DAY OF INSTRUCTION for each quarter.  It should be submitted to Dr. Gabriel Gallardo in the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, 170 Mary Gates Hall.

1 credit = two (2) hours per week = 5 page final paper

2 credits = three (3) hours per week = 5 page final paper

3 credits = four (4) hours per week = 7 – 10 page final paper

4 credits = six (6) hours per week = 7 – 10 page final paper

5 credits = eight (8) hours per week = 12 – 15 page final paper

6 credits = ten (10) hours per week = 12 – 15 page final paper

Should you have any questions about this program, please contact Nataly Brockwell at 206.616.0487 or  You may also contact Dr. Gallardo at 206.221.2834 or .