Volume 10 (1992)

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Author Title
Nancy Ackles The Definiteness Principle and the Definite Article
Xabier Artiagoitia Notes on Weak Crossover Effects in Basque and the Distribution of Resumptive Pronouns
Perry Mark Atterberry On Blocking Categories
Dorothee Beermann Direct Object Dependent Gaps in German
Laura Casa A Syntactic Approach to Word Order in Italian
Michael Gammon Lexical Selection of temporal Properties in Infinitival Complements
Satomi Kajihara Licensing Conditions and TA Affixation
Ongmi Kang Word-internal Prosodic Words in Korean
Sookhee Lee Two Types of Serial Verb Constructions in Korean
Richard McKinnon Grammatical Representations as Scientific Theories
Pascual Masullo Relativized Minimality and Logical Form
Guy Modica Argumentation from Acceptability to Grammaticality
Candace Mylet A Comparison of Parsers
Jeff Roper Verbal Syntax in English and Tamil
Lorna Rozelle A Feature Geometry for ASL
Alice Taff Assigning Primary Stress in Aleut
Akihade Uchida Syllable Theory and Inflectional Morphology in Japanese
Kevin Varden On Japanese Verbal Morphology: A Templatic Approach
Hiromi Yamamoto On the so-called 'light' Verb suru in Japanese