Volume 14 (1996)

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Proceedings of the 12th Northwest Linguistics Conference

Editor: Maria Galvão

Author Title
Nancy Ackles The Indefinite Article, Historical Syntax and Noun Phrase Structure
Ute Bohnacker The Acquisition of Determiner Phrase in Early Child Language
Heles Contreras Deconstructing Weak Crossover
Noriko Hattori Suprasegmental Change in Progress: Parallelism Between Japanese and English
Bowen Hui Phonological Difficulties for Cantonese ESL Speakers
Tai-Soo Kim) Eliminating Overt Verb-Movement in Korean and Checking Theory
Keiko Okada and Yoichi Miyamoto Morpheme Acquisition and the Count/Mass Distinction of Nouns
Monica Eszter Sanchez Categorical and Phi-Features in Agrammatism
Yael Sharvit Right Dislocation as IP-Ellipsis
Mean-Young Song Contrastive and Exhaustive Focus Reading in Korean
Chang-Kook Suh Assimilation, Weakening and Germinate Inalterability
Akihiko Uechi The Discourse Function of Wa-Marking in Japanese
Douglas Wulf An Analogical Approach to Plural Formation in German