Volume 23 (2004)

Proceedings of the 20th Northwest Linguistics Conference
1-2 May 2004, Seattle, Washington

Editors: Sylwia Tur and Susannah Levi

Assistant Editor: Lisa Galvin

Author Title
Khalsa al-Aghbari Fixed Vocalism of the Broken Plurals in the Muscat Dialect of Omani Arabic 1-17
Shadiya al-Hashmi The Phonology of nasal n in the Language of the Holy Qur'an 18-34
Oleg Batalov Cultural Concepts in Nonce-word Formation 35-48
Wen-yu Chiang & Hung-chun Tung The intonation of Saisiyat 49-64
Nancy E. Emery Ideas of Language and Race in American Linguistics, 1877-1911: Powell, Brinton and Boas 65-79
Jack Grieve The Definition of a Language 80-86
Kristin M. Johannsdottir The Gemination of Glides in Icelandic 87-102
Mark Leci & Meoni Poon Resolving Consonant Clusters: An OT Analysis of English Loanwords into Cantonese 103-118
Kening Li Phonology of Diminutive Syllables in Beijing Mandarin 119-133
Anne Yu-an Lu Phonetic Change and Rule Interaction of Two Atayal Dialects: Squliq and C'uli' 134-144
Xiaofei Lu On the Distribution of Chinese Number Expressions 145-160
Masahiko Mutsukawa The nativization and the realization of English word-final [r] in Japanese 161-174
David Y. Oshima Zibun revisited: empathy, logophoricity, and binding 175-189
Anne Rimrott A Taxonomy for Non-Native Spelling Errors: The Example of Misspellings by Learners of German as a Foreign Language 190-204
Jason E. Rudd Contrastive Segment Duration in Finnish: An analysis of the native and non-native speaker 205-214
Yasuko Sakurai On Transition States and Cf Ranking in Centering 215-227
Setsuko Shirai Spectral Vowel Reduction in Japanese 228-243
Dennis Ryan Storoshenko RST Within GST: A Synthesis of Two Theories of Discourse Structure 244-255
Rachel Strandquist A DistinctForm Approach to Reduplication in Mauritian Creole 256-269
Ivelina K. Tchizmarova Start and Begin Revisited 270-285
Jeremy C. Waltmunson Acoustic contrasts of Spanish /d,t,r,tap/ 286-301
Yu yun Iris Wang Lexical Decomposition and Light Verb Construction in Double Object Construction 302-315
Chuan-Hui Weng The Interaction between Causatives and Passives: The case of Mandarin Rang 316-323
Xianghua Wu An OT Analysis of Reduplication in Mandarin Chinese Hypocoristics 324-337
Changguk Yim Locative Alternation in English and Korean: A PredP Approach 338-346
Winnie Yiu Syntactic Incorporation in Nuuchahnulth 347-361
Loreley Marie & Hadic Zabala Functional factors in the production of relative clauses by native and non-native speakers of English 362-376