Volume 27 (2008)

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Proceedings of the 24th Northwest Linguistics Conference
3-4 May 2008, Seattle, Washington

Editors: Steven Moran, Darren S. Tanner and Michael Scanlon

Author(s) Title
Nyurguyana Petrova A Corpus Study of Sakha (Yakut) Converbs: A Case of Baran
Bradley Larson Agnostic Movement in Malagasy Focused Predicates
Shakthi Poornima & Jean-Pierre Koenig Reverse Complex Predicates in Hindi
Hyuna B. Kim Temporal dependency in extensional contexts in Korean
David Potter Multiple Wh-Fronting in Tree-Adjoining Grammar
Youssef A. Haddad Why Movement in Control
Murray Schellenberg Oplimalitétoque: Largonji des Loucherbems and Optimality Theory
Michael Grosvald & David Corina Location-to-Location Coarticulation: A Phonetic Investigation of American Sign Language
Dennis Ryan Storoshenko The Distribution of Reflexive Pronouns in English - A Corpus Analysis
Emrah Görgülü The Implications of Specificity in Turkish for the Givenness Hierarchy
Anita Szakay The Effect of Speech Rate on the Rhythm of English Dialects
Jerid Francom Is Lexical Access Mediated by the Syllabic and/or CV Structure of Words? Exploring Transposed-Letter Priming Effects
Sonja Thoma To p or to not p: Approaching the Semantics and Pragmatics of the Bavarian Particle fei
Naomi Fox & Steven Moran Non-traditional Dissemination of Fieldwork: From the Field to the World
Thuan Tran Wh-Quantification: A Vietnamese Perspective
Gregory F. Coppola Surface Structure Constraints and Wh-Questions in English
Erika Troseth The Reflexive Morphology of 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-Person Romance Middles
Heather Bliss Place Markedness and Dorsal Defaults: Snapshots of the Acquisition of Phonological Features
Han Ye Dong Bu Dong? - An Comprehension Check Question In CSL Classroom Discourse
Andrea L. Berez & Stefan Th. Gries In defense of corpus-based methods: A behavioral profile analysis of polysemous get in English
Suwon Yoon From Non-Specificity to Polarity