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R. Gus Jespersen


B.A. Biology, cum laude, Carleton College, 1999
Graduate Study: 1 year, University of Washington College of Forest Resources ~ 3.9 G.P.A.


North Coast and Cascades Research Learning Network Grant Recipient (~ $14,500)
Member, Sigma Xi
Member, Xi Sigma Pi, International Forestry Honors Society


The ecological significance of alpine and subalpine cryptobiotic soil crusts.

Presentations and Publications

Dudley, L.S., R.G. Jespersen, and M.T.K. Arroyo. "Insect community patch dynamics over a dioecious cushion plant, Laretia acaulis." In prep. for the Journal of Ecology.

Administration & Service

Founder and organizer of a summer program providing field experiences in mountain ecology for underrepresented groups in the natural sciences

Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Plant and Animal Physiology

Former non-profit international crew leader; taught habitat restoration to peers from Japan, Kenya, Nepal, and the Philippines

Research Experience

Status of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) in North Cascades National Park
Freshwater mussel survey in southern Minnesota and Superior National Forest


- IGERT Group Project: Small-Scale wind power development; education, economic potential, and ecological considerations.

- Multinational: Planning to do comparative analysis of alpine and subalpine soil crusts in Southwest China, New Zealand, and the northwestern United States. Caveats will likely include sustainable resource use in small mountain communities.

- Other Activities: Organizing summer workshop for teachers focusing on wind energy curriculum and network development