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Lauren Urgenson


BS Environmental Science and Policy, Concentration in Conservation Biology, University of Maryland (2003)
MS, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington (2006)
PhD Candidate, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington


  • 1st Place Poster, University of Washington Water Center, Annual Research Review (2005)
  • 2nd Place Presentation, Society of Ecological Restoration Northwest Conference (2005)
  • Xi Sigma Pi National Forestry Honors Society
  • NSF IGERT Fellow


Currently engaged in research that examines the ecological consequences of Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum, P. sachalinense, P. bohemicum) invasion into riparian forests.

Broader research interests include:
  • Causes and consequences of non-indigenous plant invasions
  • Measuring and monitoring ecological restoration
  • Directing and communicating ecological research to inform local resource management decisions
  • Diverse stakeholder involvement in ecosystem management

Publications and Technical Reports

Henck, A., Taylor, J., Hongliang, L., Yongxian, L., Qinxia,Y., Grub, B., Breslow,S.J., Robbins, A., Elliott, A., Hinckley, T., Combs, J., Urgenson, L., Widder, S., Hu X.,, Ziyu, M., Yaowu, Y., Daijun, J., Xun, L., Ya, T. 2008. Hillslope terraces and swidden agriculture in Jiuzhaigou National Park, northern Sichuan, China. Quaternary Research (submitted).

Urgenson, L. 2007. Many ways to see a landscape: Jiuzhaigou National Park. Camas Quarterly —Newsletter of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens. Fall.

Combs, J., Urgenson, L., Ma, Z. 2007. Vegetation monitoring report: ecological assessment of plant biodiversity in Jiuzhaigou National Park (Sichuan Province, China).

Freeburg, Adam, Sara Breslow, Julie Combs, Emma Flores, Steve Harrell, Tom Hinckley, Joanne Ho, Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrooke, Eric Nassau, Alicia Robbins, Haldre Rogers, Patrick Shamberger and Lauren Urgenson, MCCE IGERT: An Experiment in International Interdisciplinary Graduate Education. AAAS, Pacific Division 88th Annual Meeting, Boise State University, Boise, ID June 17 - 21, 2007 New Humanities and Science Convergences. III: The Greening of the Disciplines (Awarded AAAS Pacific Division Rita Peterson Award in Science Education).

Invited Talks and Conferences

  • 2004 Knotweed Symposium
  • Skagit and Olympic Peninsula Knotweed Working Group Meetings
  • Stillaguamish CWMA Meeting
  • NFS Aquatic Biologist Regional Meeting
  • NPS Science Days
  • PNW-Integrated Vegetation Management Association Annual Conference
  • Society of Ecological Restoration NW Regional Conference

Administrative & Service

Skagit River Knotweed Working Group Partner of the Year (2005)