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Collaborative Projects

    BioFuel Poster: Valorization of Manure Using Combined Anaerobic Digestion/Algal TAG Production
    "MCCE IGERT: An Experiment in International Interdisciplinary Graduate Education." Presented at the AAAS, Pacific Division 88th Annual Meeting, Boise State University, Boise, ID June 17 - 21, 2007. (Awarded AAAS Pacific Division Rita Peterson Award in Science Education).
    "Transboundary Educational Experiences: Foundations for Learning and Research." Paper presented at the Canadian Studies Graduate Professional Development Symposium, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, March 2007


    Deborah Dryer
    Project: Analyzing metal-NOM interactions in drinking water


    Erin Hagen
    Project: Reasons for the decline in species Juan Fernández firecrown (Sephanoides fernandensis) on Isla Robinson Crusoe

Costa Rica

    Rhonda Schmidt
    Project: Fungal endophyte viruses in plant adaptation to extreme environments


    Kimberly Sheldon
    Interactions of temperature change and thermal sensitivity of an organism in predicting the impacts of climate change


    Linda Gaulke: Mechanics of the YES assay, and the toxicity identification and evaluation (TIE) method
    Nam Nguyen: Synthesis and characterization techniques in thermoelectric materials and devices for energy conversion application

New Zealand

    Eric Wagner: Rhetoric around Invasive Species, Rats, and Biorisks