Iterative Fidelity Development: Part I (of 3)
The UX of Agile

Agile in Theory “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. “ – Twelve Principles of Agile Software I have never understood the supposed incompatibility between Agile Development and User Experience (UX) Design. The Agile Manifesto and…

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Why UX?

I recently spoke to a development group in UW-IT about how they might integrate UX thinking into their daily work. They are in a good place. Everyone —from the administration to the project teams— has bought into the idea of UX, but they just weren’t…

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Notes from an UX Consultation

During one of our recent UX consultations– as is often the case– we hosted members of a UW department who needed some help navigating the early stages of a full-site redesign.  The current site, everyone agreed was confusing and not helpful in allowing users to…

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Dropbox & Anvil, Quick and Easy Web Server for the Mac

While faculty and staff at the UW have always had access to personal web servers, I have often found the process quite unpleasant to manage when doing active web development. More specifically, if you are having to work on multiple projects and rely solely on…

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CodeKit, A Front End Development Timesaver

We do a lot of HTML/CSS prototyping and front-end development on the UX team. We are always looking for ways to save time and simplify our process and a new tool, CodeKit, has been a great asset. CodeKit is a front end development tool that…

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Using Font Awesome icons outside the browser

Over the last year, we’ve become fans of Font Awesome – the iconic font designed for use with Bootstrap. We have used Font Awesome icons in MyUW Mobile and most recently in the UW Event Calendar redesign. In fact, we like Font Awesome so much…

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What we talked about May 6-17, 2013

Some good stuff this fortnight — videos and presentations for you to watch, announcements and major product updates from Adobe and Google; data visualizations of varying quality; accessibility tools and reports; and a bunch of other cool things.