What we’ve been talking about this month — February 2012

As last month, here’s a roundup of the kinds of things we’ve been talking and thinking about this month. This video of a 5-year-old describing brand logos generally says more about her lifestyle (where her parents buy gas and coffee, etc.) than the logos themselves, but it’s interesting to think about how the mental associations […]

Innovation Produces Fascinating Corpses: Part I

Early morning meetings are going to be undoing of me. They usually find me in the vulnerable throes of a dangerous endorphin and caffeine cocktail, stemming from my daily moka pot-fueled bike commute in the brisk NW air, and pounce on me like a neglected tomcat as soon as I walk through the office door. […]

Sweet Mobile! Now What? Part 4 — User Context

Now that we know some things about our users, both student-age mobile device users in general and UW students specifically, and we’ve gone over how to learn some other things about our audience, such as assumptions and user needs, we are ready to tackle some major design considerations of working with mobile platforms. The elephant […]

Less gear, better interactions: A UW talk on augmented reality

After attending the University of Washington Dub Talk “High-Fidelity Augmented Reality Interactions Without Goggles, Gloves or 3D Trackers” by Hrvoje Benko, researcher from Natural Interaction Research group at Microsoft Research, I decided to share some things I learned and some things the talk made me think about. As the title suggests, the talk focused on […]