Innovation Produces Fascinating Corpses: Part II

Looking over the archive of old innovation projects that lay in various states of documentation and completion, I get the feeling of surveying of a beach littered with grand corpses of fascinating creatures in various states of decay. Being a sympathetic soul, one might be inclined to think, “What a waste. These creatures are born, […]

SxSW 2012, Day 3

On Monday I finally got the bus schedule figured out and made it to the 9:30am session on time. I went to Three Innovative Approaches to Mobile Learning, in the education track again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as relevant as I’d hoped; it was about K-12 education, and the focus seemed to be on selling us […]

Review: Lucidchart

Not too long ago I started using an online diagramming app called Lucidchart, which allows real-time collaboration in the creation of workflows, wireframes, mind maps, organizational charts, UML diagrams, and site mockups. I’m here to report that so far, for the few projects I’ve used it, it’s been quite helpful. Each member of our team […]