What we talked about in April 2012

Wow, the monthly roundups have been sneaking up on me (and straight past me, actually). Without further ado, here’s what we chatted about in April 2012!

We’ve had lots of new ideas coming in these past few months via conferences. What have you been learning about lately?

2 Responses to What we talked about in April 2012

  1. Thanks for pointing to my talk. FWIW, I meant to say explicitly that I don’t think people need to start building for TVs. People aren’t using the browsers on them yet. I believe I said that on stage. If I didn’t, I really messed up. :-)

    The points that I was making were bigger ones about how thinking about TVs helps us understand better whether the solutions we’re building today are actually suitable for tomorrow.

  2. Lauren says:

    Hi Jason! Thanks for your correction. I’m not the one who attended your talk, alas, and this week I was rounding up shared links on Friday afternoon without as much context and attention as they may have deserved — for which, my apologies.

    Anyway, point well taken. I’ll post a correction on Monday.

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