What we talked about in September 2012

August kinda got away from me, but I’ll stack September right after it just so I can get back on track. On-topic: tools for mobile testing, responsive design, wireframing and prototyping, and more; Seattle design events; really egregious examples of skeuomorphism (my favorite link of the month, personally). Semi-off-topic: Simon Pegg’s Bacon number; tips on […]

InfoCamp Seattle 2012 is this weekend — ticket sales end today

Another “unconference” will be taking place on the University of Washington campus this weekend. It will be taking place October 13 and 14 from 9AM to 5PM in Mary Gates Hall. Students get in a discounted price of just $20 while professionals will have to pay $60. A variety of topics will be discussed at […]

What we talked about in August 2012

Yet more mobile stuff, including some discussion of Android vs iOS browsers. Seattle design events. White House beer. Pepsi redesign insanity. Icon fonts. Armies of noodle robots, and/or rolling iPad robots for Diego to drive remotely around the office and be a floating robot head. Bootstraps, mobile boilerplates, boilerstraps, I don’t even know anymore.