What we talked about April 8-12, 2013

As usual I’m behind, so off we go:

  • Seven rules for managing creatives seems designed to be controversial, and 700+ comments on the original post indicate that the author succeeded — though the problematic “Pay them poorly” has been edited to say “Don’t overpay them.” But even with that change, I’m not sure how I feel about things like “spoil them and let them fail” — I get the second part, but what does the first part have to do with it?
  • Microsoft’s mobile comeback isn’t happening. Ouch. The gist is “at least Microsoft’s mobile numbers aren’t shrinking anymore.”
  • Yet another Bootstrap-integrated … thingy: Pixate Bootstrap.
  • LukeW discusses some of the surprising decisions made when designing Polar: designing for distraction; removing the sign-up form as a requirement to use the app; non-obscured passwords (this one inspired some discussion in the office — does it only work because Polar doesn’t contain sensitive or important information?); and repeating design patterns and interactions once you’ve established them.
  • Death to Bullshit, an enjoyable talk by Brad Frost.
  • Bubbling with media queries and LESS. I don’t really know what that means but it sounds cool.
  • From the aforementioned Brad Frost talk, I enjoyed It’s This for That, which answers the ever-important question “wait, what does your startup do?” (a real-life example is a friend of Char’s who’s made Moorage Market, which is like AirBnB for boats.)
  • Diego got sucked into CodePen and particularly liked this one that reminds me of my beloved childhood spirograph. And then this one is pretty mesmerizing.
  • Framer looks like a useful tool to quickly prototype interactions. Have you used it?
  • Another tool, Flask, is compared to Django in this Flask vs Django presentation: “TL;DR: Both are great tools. Django is better for fast and Flask is better for flexible.”
  • Last but not least, here’s what happens when you put glowsticks in waterfalls.

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  1. John · May 2, 2013

    Thanks for the mention. Moorage Market is rolling along connecting boaters with moorage.