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Notes from an UX Consultation

During one of our recent UX consultations– as is often the case– we hosted members of a UW department who needed some help navigating the early stages of a full-site redesign.  The current site, everyone agreed was confusing and not helpful in allowing users to quickly find the information they were looking for.  However, how […]

AngularJS Quickstart for Designers

Within the past year, our organization has gone through some major technology changes. Although the changes have been productive for our developers, they often result in some amount of challenges for designers, as we need to keep up with the rapid pace of change. As a designer, I am always looking for tools to bridge […]

Premature implementation: Taking our time to do mobile the right way

Lately, I have been hearing the internets buzzing about Responsive Web Design (RWD) as being the be-all and end-all of modern web design practice. There are both positive and negative blog posts about RWD – this one in particular is not intended to be either. For the most part, I think RWD is a great […]