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Notes from an UX Consultation

During one of our recent UX consultations– as is often the case– we hosted members of a UW department who needed some help navigating the early stages of a full-site redesign.  The current site, everyone agreed was confusing and not helpful in allowing users to quickly find the information they were looking for.  However, how […]

Are you experienced? If not (with User Experience), we can help!

Are you a University of Washington-affiliated group and in need of User Experience design advice? If so, then you’re in luck because we now offer free design consultations on UW-sponsored projects. To find out more, go to our brand-spanking new Consultation page, wherein you can get additional information and even sign up to have your […]

Sweet Mobile! Now What? Part 4 — User Context

Now that we know some things about our users, both student-age mobile device users in general and UW students specifically, and we’ve gone over how to learn some other things about our audience, such as assumptions and user needs, we are ready to tackle some major design considerations of working with mobile platforms. The elephant […]

Less gear, better interactions: A UW talk on augmented reality

After attending the University of Washington Dub Talk “High-Fidelity Augmented Reality Interactions Without Goggles, Gloves or 3D Trackers” by Hrvoje Benko, researcher from Natural Interaction Research group at Microsoft Research, I decided to share some things I learned and some things the talk made me think about. As the title suggests, the talk focused on […]

Pushing Design Boundaries with Mobile Accessibility Projects

Expanding accessibility through mobile technologies has turned into a reality at the University of Washington, and UW researchers, like Richard Ladner, are pushing traditional accessibility boundaries for individuals with visual and hearing impairments. At a recent dub talk, Ladner, who is the UW Boeing Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, illustrated many examples of modern […]

Sweet Mobile! Now what? Part 3 – Identifying the User, Research, and Prioritization

In this third installment of our series on user-centered mobile design at UW, we look more closely at identifying who our users are and our approach at understanding their needs when creating a mobile application to support their tasks in teaching, learning, collaboration, and research. We’ll also explore how we prioritize the features included in […]