What we talked about April 8-12, 2013

As usual I’m behind, so off we go: Seven rules for managing creatives seems designed to be controversial, and 700+ comments on the original post indicate that the author succeeded — though the problematic “Pay them poorly” has been edited to say “Don’t overpay them.”…

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Mobile UX Camp Seattle: May 18, 2013

Mobile UX Camp Seattle 2013 is happening on Saturday, May 18th, 2013 from 9AM – 5PM right here at UW in Mary Gates Hall. Mobile UX Camp Seattle is an unconference bringing together professionals, academics & enthusiasts to share the current state and future direction of mobile technologies….

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When designing for Android, forget iOS

By the numbers Android and iOS are the two leading mobile platforms, together accounting for nearly 98% of mobile traffic on UW web services. With the successful launch of SpaceScout for iOS we felt it was time to start looking into designing for the Android…

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What we talked about April 1-5, 2013

I was out of the office at An Event Apart through Wednesday, and not really keeping up with the conversations on chat, so this week’s roundup is a good chance for me to see what everyone else was doing! Nielsen/Norman Group (Jakob Nielsen and Don…

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What we talked about March 25-29, 2013

This week was extra quiet on chat, as Diego (who normally works remotely from Montana) was actually in Seattle! So we were all able to talk to each other in person for once. But here’s what we did share online: Simple Models for User Context…

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What we watched and talked about March 18-22

Occasionally when we don’t have topics for our standing Monday R&D meetings, we watch some design-related videos instead. This week we watched two, both TED talks: Sugata Mitra on new experiments in self-teaching Ze Frank’s web playroom

What we talked about March 11-15, 2013

Somewhat quiet week around here. Char’s obsession with Bootstrap continues, as does Jason’s with beer, and we all learned about new (to us) CSS length properties. Image: Michael Fajardo

Review: Any.DO Task Organizer

Several months ago, in an effort to become more organized and better track my tasks I abandoned my trusty pen and paper to-do list in favor of an app for my Android phone. I scanned the Play store and downloaded the top three free apps…

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What we talked about March 4-8, 2013

I’m experimenting with doing link roundups weekly rather than monthly, so as to have even more fodder with which to shame the rest of the team for not writing posts that they are not so daunting to compose. Feedback on this format is welcome! This…

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