Using Font Awesome icons outside the browser

Over the last year, we’ve become fans of Font Awesome – the iconic font designed for use with Bootstrap. We have used Font Awesome icons in MyUW Mobile and most recently in the UW Event Calendar redesign. In fact, we like Font Awesome so much…

What we talked about April 8-12, 2013

As usual I’m behind, so off we go: Seven rules for managing creatives seems designed to be controversial, and 700+ comments on the original post indicate that the author succeeded — though the problematic “Pay them poorly” has been edited to say “Don’t overpay them.”…

What we talked about March 11-15, 2013

Somewhat quiet week around here. Char’s obsession with Bootstrap continues, as does Jason’s with beer, and we all learned about new (to us) CSS length properties. Image: Michael Fajardo

What we talked about in August 2012

Yet more mobile stuff, including some discussion of Android vs iOS browsers. Seattle design events. White House beer. Pepsi redesign insanity. Icon fonts. Armies of noodle robots, and/or rolling iPad robots for Diego to drive remotely around the office and be a floating robot head….