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Notes from an UX Consultation

During one of our recent UX consultations– as is often the case– we hosted members of a UW department who needed some help navigating the early stages of a full-site redesign.  The current site, everyone agreed was confusing and not helpful in allowing users to quickly find the information they were looking for.  However, how […]

Are you experienced? If not (with User Experience), we can help!

Are you a University of Washington-affiliated group and in need of User Experience design advice? If so, then you’re in luck because we now offer free design consultations on UW-sponsored projects. To find out more, go to our brand-spanking new Consultation page, wherein you can get additional information and even sign up to have your […]

8 Tips to a Successful Design Review

We recently wrapped up a project that was a result of months of collaboration between our group and an external client. The resulting web application, SQLShare, is a data-sharing application aimed at solving issues of data collection, reporting, and sharing problems often faced at a large university. The project started from what we call a […]