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Language Partner

Language Partner (LP) is an interactive multimedia program for practicing foreign languages. Using short digitized video segments, LP portrays real life conversation situations. These situations are presented from three perspectives: a third person "observer" perspective, Speaker A's perspective, and Speaker B's perspective. The three perspectives allow the student to comprehend the whole dialogue (verbal and nonverbal), to practice the lines of one speaker, or to take the role of either speaker and practice the dialogue.

LP provides dialogue text in either the target or translation language on an on-demand basis. The accompanying LP Author allows teachers, without any special technical knowledge or resources, to create dialogue materials for LP. Teachers that create dialogue materials will be able to exchange their materials with other developers at a University of Washington LP community website.

Visit the Language Partner home page, which provides technical information.

Language Evaluator Now Available

The Technical Japanese Program has also developed Language Evaluator (LE) and LE Author. These unique multimedia feedback tools assist students in reviewing their oral performances and allow teachers to provide feedback without interrupting a student's performance.

View the Language Evaluator License or the Language Evaluator Technical web pages.

Licensing Information

End User Licensing
The End User License is designed to meet the needs of individual language instructors and the students in their classes. A limited right to distribute the interface to your students is included. End User License Fee for LP is $200. Instructions for submitting payment are in the End User License.

Site Licensing
The Site License is designed to meet the needs of language learning departments or institutions that wish to use the Language Partner software. Download the Express License (PDF file), sign it, and return it to Digital Ventures.

Contact for information on site licensing for a combination of Language Partner and Language Evaluator.

An HTML version of the site license is also available.

Request Demo of Language Partner (LP)

Language Partner (LP) is available for a trial evaluation period of six months. Demo access is intended for teachers and language instructors and curriculum resource developers to review Language Partner content creation features, functions, and technical requirements.

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Contact Information

For Descriptive Information

Language Partner
Technical Japanese Program
University of Washington
Box 352195
Seattle, WA 98195-2195
Phone: (206) 543.7610
Fax: (206) 685.3264

For Technical Support


For Licensing Information

Express Licensing Program
UW TechTransfer
4311 11th Avenue NE, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98105-4608
Phone: (206) 616-9212
Fax: (206) 616-3322


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