Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation with Student Veteran Life

In the interest of having some healthy outlets available to all of you, we have an amazing set of outdoor recreation offerings available to you this year! All of them are free (except for one that is not hosted by us, but that we want you to be aware of). Whether you are a couch potato looking to get in shape, there is sure to be something on this list that will speak to you! Some are during the remainder of the Spring quarter, and some are during Summer. Have plans? These are better!! Stick around and explore with us!!

1) Snowshoe and family trip

Sunday, February 25th

Location: Lower Cold Creek Basin

  • Number of trails: 1
  • Distance range for trails: up to 4 miles roundtrip, it’s a turnaround so can turn back whenever
  • Driving distance each way: 56 miles
  • Driving time est each way: 1 hour

2) Indoor Rock Climbing at Crags

February 27, 2018

4:30-6:30 pm

Included: Rentals, space, and two Crags staff members to belay while students climb
Reserved for: 15 climbers

3) NWSDA organization Dog Sledding

March 10, 2018
Location: Camp Kiononia, Cle Elum
Distance driving each way: 1 hour 10 minutes
Driving time est each way: 75 miles