PAVE Peer Sponsorship

Peer Advisors for Veteran Education, or PAVE, is a veteran to veteran peer mentorship program that pairs new student veterans with others who have been on campus for a year or more. The program is designed to offer our new students an inside track into what to expect from the University of Washington, how to succeed in your major, and how to be successful during your time here.

Signing up is easy and there is no expectation of how much time you will spend with your mentor. The pairing is dependent upon the needs of the new student veteran as they assimilate to the University of Washington.

To sign up, click here and input all of the information. Once you have enrolled, we will reach out to your prospective department to find a student veteran who we can pair you with. If there are no veterans in your department, we will find someone in a similar major that can help you get your bearings.