Dogfish Symposium Abstracts

The Shark Research Lab is in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. The students and faculty in the laboratory come from this School as well as from other departments at the UW, most notably the Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management unit and the School of Marine Affairs. This interdisciplinary group conducts field and analysis research on elasmobranches, primarily sharks. This website provides descriptions of research projects under current investigation, results from these research projects, information about individual and group activities, and links to partners in our activities.

The objective of these research efforts is to develop an increased awareness and appreciation of sharks and skates, the worlds that they inhabit, and the impacts that society has upon them. These impacts will include the effects of pollution and harvesting. The harvesting occurs via directed fishing activities as well via indirect or bycatch fishing. The tools of our investigations include field and laboratory experiments, but the tools of mathematical modeling and statistical analysis are also heavily employed. Carrying out such a broad interdisciplinary mission implies hand-in-hand cooperation with many colleagues in other areas, including state and federal governments, NGOs, aquaria, and so forth.  We encourage you to explore this web site and communicate with us about your thoughts and ideas.

V.F. Gallucci

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