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Garden Raised Bounty

Working on the GRuB FarmThrough its farm and garden programs, Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB) is helping to ensure sustainable, year-round access to fresh produce for food insecure individuals and families.

Cultivating Youth Employment Program

Each summer GRuB hires 20 low-income youth to work on a 3-acre farm in Thurston County. The 2008 crew spent the season learning agricultural science, participating in community outreach and fundraising work and growing and harvesting over 8,335 pounds of food for the Thurston County Food Bank, their families and for market.

Kitchen Garden Project

GRuB's Kitchen Garden Project (KGP) builds free vegetable gardens for low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities in Mason and Thurston Counties.

"People came (to visit my garden) and were inspired to grow food in their own yards. I shared food with neighbors and friends, ate food in season and expanded the growing space so next year I can grow even more!" - KGP Participant

In 2008, GRuB built 100 backyard gardens providing 3 raised beds, a trellis, soil, seeds, starts, a gardening guide and the opportunity to work with a garden mentor. These gardens are creating recreation & wellness opportunities for low-income children & families, as well as improving their access to fresh food.  Eighty-eight percent of KGP participants reported giving extra produce to people outside the household. And many report more regular exercise or physical activity as a result of their gardens.


Rochester Community Garden

GRuB is working with partners in Rochester to begin begin laying the groundwork for a new community garden. Sites under consideration include areas with high concentrations of low-income residents and a new park being developed in the community.


Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nourishing a strong community by empowering people to grow good food. Partners include the City of Olympia, TOGETHER at Evergreen Villages, USDA-Community Food Project Grant.


GRuB's goal was to see 70% of youth increase their scores in the outcomes of: leadership, self-confidence/esteem, community engagement, public speaking skills and confidence, access to quality food, and knowledge of organic farming practices.  To evaluate progress toward these outcomes we used components of the Youth-at-risk Program Evaluation Tool (YARPET).  In 2007/2008, of those youth that completed both the summer and academic year programs, 88% showed a positive improvement in all areas and 75% showed an overall strong or very strong positive change as measured by the YARPET. 

Target Audience

Food insecure individuals and families


Olympia, Thurston County, Mason County

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