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What's Next for Healthy Procurement?

One way to increase access to healthy foods is to make sure that the foods purchased with public funds are healthy foods. An example of this type of spending would be foods purchased for Department of Corrections facilities. Lawmakers, including Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D), submitted HB 1801 during the 2011 legislative session after working with public health partners in its development. The bill required several state agencies to work together to develop a model food purchasing policy and report back to the Legislature the following year. The 2011 healthy procurement bill was not adopted, but retained for consideration in 2012. This year, legislators once again considered the bill without adopting it and retained it for 2013.

The good news is that healthy procurement policies for public funds are gaining ground in other settings. Since 2007, Energize Your Meetings has provided guidelines for serving healthy meals and snacks for meetings and events. The Washington State Department of Health updated Energize Your Meetings in 2011 to help meeting planners avoid the surprisingly high sodium content found in some cheeses, breads, and condiments.

The Department of Health’s Community Transformation Grant supports healthy procurement planning among five regional hubs that will provide leadership and technical assistance to a total of 36 counties in the state. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention awarded the $3.2 million grant to the Department of Health in 2011 to support the healthy transformation of communities over the next five years.

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