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Eat Local Thanksgiving Increases Awareness of Local Food Policy

GRuB ParticipantEat Local Thanksgiving was launched in 2007 to increase awareness of the importance of the local food system and local food policy in creating equal access to healthy food, minimizing food system impacts on climate change, and supporting the local economy. As part of the campaign, nearly 2,400 people pledged to include at least one locally grown food on their table during the 2007 holiday season. The King County Council issued formal recognition of the campaign and more than 40 supporting organizations, businesses, and civic leaders offered their support.

Opportunities to improve healthy food access through policy change were highlighted on the campaign's Web site. Examples of policy changes included:

  • Procurement policies in schools or other large Institutions to increase purchase of local food for school meals
  • Transportation policies that link low income residents with grocery stores
  • Land use planning that sets standards for equitable distribution of community gardens
  • Providing the necessary technology for residents to redeem food stamps at farmers markets


Seattle-King County Acting Food Policy Council, King County, the Cascade Harvest Coalition, Good Food Strategies, Department of Neighborhoods — Climate Protection Fund, King County's Agriculture Program, Please see campaign Web site for complete list of partners and supporters.


Surveys were sent to all participants who submitted a pledge. Nearly 600 responses were received and are currently being analyzed. Community partners were also asked to provide feedback through a survey.

Target Audience

Residents, organizations, businesses, policy makers


Puget Sound area (map)

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