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Have You Energized Your Meetings Yet?

More worksites are adopting policy strategies from Energize Your Meetings! (EYM) as company or agency-wide policy. EYM is an easy to use booklet outlining five easy steps to replacing food such as donuts and pizza with healthier food choices and activity breaks to keep participants activated.

The Washington State Employment Securities Department has adopted EYM as a part of their wellness policy. Angela Campbell is the Wellness and Workforce Planning Coordinator for the Employment Security Department (ESD). According to Campbell, EYM was included in the agency’s 2009 Wellness Policy for 2,700 staff in 50 offices around the state. To promote EYM, “we use all the communications channels available, since the whole agency is moving toward this,” Campbell explains.

You will still see muffins served at ESD meetings, but they will be whole grain muffins, and they may be sliced in half or even in quarters. Added to that could be energy bars or string cheese, and flavored water beside fruit juices. Some offices are able to incorporate locally grown fruits and veggies, and Campbell says there has been no resistance to extra costs for buying local, if and when they are encountered.

“Catering happens rarely,” says Campbell, “but administrative staff that work with caterers give them the EYM guidelines.” Campbell notes that “once caterers are familiar with the recommendations, they have no difficulty supplying healthier snacks and beverages, since they are aware that businesses are trying to provide healthy choices during meetings.”

If your company or agency has used Energize Your Meetings to set policies for nutrition standards for meeting, please let us know about it.


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Employers, human resource professionals, worksite wellness coordinators, and other people responsible for institutional food purchasing


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