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Healthy Student Store Marketing Challenge

In September 2006, Steps to a Healthier Clark County’s Access to Healthy Food/Healthy Food Guidelines Team launched the six-month Healthy Student Store Marketing Challenge. Following a half day workshop for area high school students and teachers, students were challenged to research, develop and implement a marketing and education campaign to promote healthier products in their student store operations.

In May, Heritage High School in the Evergreen School District was awarded first place and received a prize of $5000 to be applied to healthy marketing in the next school year. The award-winning campaign built on the concept of adding breakfast options to the school store’s existing lunch and snack menu. Heritage High School senior and project leader, Jake Thomas, surveyed over 1,000 freshman and found that although 78% said they knew breakfast was important, only 29% consistently ate breakfast daily. The Heritage team added healthy breakfast options such as bagels, cereal and milk, yogurt, fruit, granola bars, and breakfast sandwiches to the school store menu. Less healthy items were moved further from view. Heritage's marketing plan included sales training, direct advertising through announcements and video, posters, incentives, and punch cards to earn free meals. A complimentary educational campaign was also conducted by the students. End-of-year sales for 2006/2007 were nearly $2000 higher than the previous year.

Other schools introduced new products, reduced portion sizes on less healthy products, and revamped their stores. Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver School District was awarded $2,500, and Battleground High School in Battleground School District received a $1,500 prize sponsored by the Washington Dairy Council.

Target Audience

High school students


Clark County

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