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Lincoln Elementary Healthy School Pilot

Over the 2005-2006 school year, Lincoln Elementary in Mount Vernon has continued to work toward a school environment where students and their families, staff and teachers, enjoy good nutrition, have physically active lives, and live in a healthy community. These goals are being achieved through the implementation of the Healthy School Pilot Action Plan. Several of the plan’s objectives to increase availability and consumption of nutritious and appealing food choices have been implemented this year.
  • Lunch Salad Bar
    In February, Lincoln Elementary launched a lunch salad bar as part of a plan to offer healthy fruit and vegetable choices to students. The salad bar was scaled down to a size that is inviting and accessible to students of all ages. The program was initially only available to students who had hot lunch, but has expanded to allow the purchase of a side salad if students bring lunch from home.
  • School Garden Project
    A plan to create a school garden at Lincoln was approved by the school district this winter. More than $1,750 has been raised to support this project and volunteers began work on the first of 18 raised beds in May. Ricky Knue, professional gardener and high school teacher, is leading the project. The garden committee is developing a plan to raise additional funds and in-kind donations to complete the project. Mount Vernon High School students have been involved in the construction phase and next year will mentor the elementary students in an after school gardening club.

Lincoln Elementary was the first of several Mount Vernon schools to mobilize the school community to increase physical activity and healthy nutrition options for students. Parents, school administrators, community volunteers and teachers worked with the Mount Vernon Healthy Communities Project and Leadership Skagit to form an advisory committee, conduct a school assessment and develop an action plan to improve school nutrition and physical activity for the school’s 375 students. Implementation of the plan began in the 2005-2006 school year.


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Progress toward each of the plan’s objectives is being tracked by the Lincoln School Healthy School Pilot Committee and Mount Vernon Healthy Communities. Student involvement in activities, use of the salad bar, and preferences related to lunch alternative choices are also being monitored.

Target Audience

K-6 grade students


Lincoln Elementary, Mount Vernon

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