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WIC Policy Change Reduces Barriers to Purchasing Foods

The WIC program implemented a new policy that allows clients to cash their WIC checks at any authorized store. Previously the checks were written to one store identified by the client. If the store didn't have all the food listed on the WIC check, the client either had to go without that food or go back to the clinic to have the checks rewritten to another store. This was of particular concern because stores tended to run out of infant formula. By allowing foods to be purchased at any authorized store, clients can now shop around to get the best foods and more easily obtain all of the foods that WIC provides.

The Washington WIC Nutrition Program is implementing the new policy as part of a federal requirement. In Washington State, the WIC program reaches over 150,000 women, infants and children in 240 clinics each month and provides services to over 265,000 individuals each year. 


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The State WIC Nutrition Program is assessing the impact of the policy by tracking whether use of WIC checks increases.

Target Audience

Women, infants and children of low-income families



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